A business that is bigger than us

A business that is bigger than us

Being a co-founder and director of Be Ethical Training has already been a wonderful experience. I get to work with great people, have insightful conversations. I am learning so much every day while connecting with people from every industry you can imagine.

I am sure I can speak for Heather too when I say we completely believe that we have great products and services that can bring real value to many businesses out there—at the same time, supporting people in roles that manage and coordinate their companies CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) activities.

We understand we are very much in the early days of our business, just five weeks. Already we can’t wait until the day we are delivering our courses to hundreds of marketing and CSR specialists, offering insightful tools to help them understand what CSR means for their organisation.

The best part of Be Ethical Training for us is helping an organisation to unpick the different value behaviours that their culture has been built on. Helping them bring it all together in a CSR communications plan that goes on to benefit their people, communities and the planet too.

And as Be Ethical continues to grow, we are excited about being able to employ more people, reinvest in the business to enhance our services and give back to our communities in ways we could never have imagined.

We can already see that this business is going to be bigger than us. We want everybody who chooses to work with us to come on a journey with us. Allow us to serve them with our knowledge and expertise. We want to help everyone to feel part of a programme that offers positive engagement at many levels and teaches them to go on to teach others, creating more significant outcomes and benefits for those it impacts.

So for us, it is about reaching out, continuously improving ourselves and working with specialists who can offer knowledge where we are not qualified, teaching those who want to learn and being completely transparent about our skills and expertise.

So are we the right fit for you?

When we developed our offer initially, we were trying to sell a car without a test drive. Today we are offering a chance to try before you buy.

We now have a set of resources to help see the steps involved in achieving CSR success. We aim to help a business to understand how to identify and deliver countless benefits, for their people, communities and the environment.

Our resources and services include:

1. Our free responsible business guide – for those at the beginning of their CSR journey

2. Our complete toolkit – for the organisations that are doing great things but need to understand how to measure their impact and share success

3. Our peer groups – for specialists who might feel a little lost in their CSR role and need a network of support

4. Our four-step programme – for an organisation that wants complete clarity about all of their activities.  To develop and manage a programme of activity, understanding their impact and sharing that success with their stakeholders.

For more details about our resources and services take a look at services page, or download our FREE responsible business guide, it might be the first step to being part of something bigger than you can imagine, but you won’t know until you try before you buy!

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