Why take responsible business seriously?

Why take responsible business seriously?

Do you take your own business seriously? Are you passionate, driven, committed to its success? Do you see how planning, commitment and action creates positive outcomes? It’s the same as being responsible. The activity has to become part of the way you do business. 

Being serious about responsibility is about creating a better environment for those who work for you, the communities in which you operate and the world in which you and your stakeholders live. 

Being a responsible business is the only way to do business today. And the reason is that you are differentiating from your competitors, you are committing to doing good, you are offering a better work experience to those who are looking for the best companies to work for, plus many more benefits. 

But let’s get something straight – being responsible isn’t just about ‘being seen’ to do socially responsible things but actually doing them, recording them, understanding their impact and sharing them with your stakeholders, industry and communities.

And continually developing them to uphold the commitment that you have made to being a responsible business. When this happens, there are a range of positive outcomes and rewards for a business.

So what exactly is responsibility?

It is about taking stock of your actions, understanding their impact and making changes for the good of the business, its people, the communities in which it serves and the environment.

Responsibility comes in many forms. Not just from a corporate perspective. Many influences create a responsible business.

We hear the acronym CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) which is slowly being replaced with RSC (Responsible Social Corporations), you might have heard of B-Corp, UN Compact, UN Sustainable Development Goals. Perhaps memberships including BITC and Social Value UK. 

You might not have heard of any of them. These are all in the space of responsibility. 

Be Ethical focuses on the word RESPONSIBILITY because CSR is so broad.

Anyone can profess to be doing CSR but how many businesses can clearly identify their responsible activities, initiatives and commitments. 

It isn’t just about the CEO or MD being the responsible one. It is about the values that the people within that business share. The values that are embedded in the culture of that business. That culture that gives them a sense of being ‘in it’ together.

It’s about the company ‘wanting’ to do all of the great things that come under ‘responsibility’—each small part, together creating a more significant outcome.  

A business rarely has an inspirational leader that employs a workforce that doesn’t care. But it does take a great leader and a team of people to have absolute belief in the power of responsible business. 

A responsibility programme has to be led from the top, as does the culture and values of that business. It does, however, require people in the company to become ambassadors of the activity. To take ownership and promote the benefits of the good that is being created or achieved through that activity. This, in itself, has a considerable impact on the way that a business operates and its success. 

The Be Ethical four-step programme gives a business the insight to build a responsibility programme, that is managed and developed over a 12-month time scale. 

Every business is somewhere on their responsibility journey, let us help you to get really clear and begin to see the benefits of taking responsibility seriously.

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