Achieving co-ordinated engagement

Achieving co-ordinated engagement

The biggest issue with developing and managing responsible activities is having one key person in post to co-ordinate and take ownership of everything that comes under responsibility. Not only managing the activities but also the people who could positively support them but who need to know that these activities are not their main responsibility. It needs a person who will take their ideas and feedback and create activities and initiatives because it is their role to do so.

There will be lots of organisations out there that have a range of people in their business who take being responsibility seriously. They are committed to their own causes and activities within their community and these behaviours naturally spill into the business as fundraising, volunteering, recycling and mentoring. These are great people to become ambassadors of programmes and activities that consider social responsibility.

Then there will be companies that engage with their people to act responsibly, allocating time and budget for them to develop activities. These can be very positive changes that the business is committing to make but without the involvement of those it is aimed to influence, engage and benefit the activities have a tendency to fall off peoples radars as they are more inclined to focus on their paid role.

Responsible activities can be perceived as extracurricular unless they are managed by one person, who is promoted as the owner of a programme of these activities and the business owner or CEO and their management team support the role and positively promote all that it represents.

A role like this is very specialist and requires the person in post to be continually learning and communicating to build their knowledge base and be recognised in the business as the co-ordinator of everything that comes under responsibility.

To ensure that an organisations responsible activities are given the focus they require, by deciding to employ a co-ordinator who can build on your current activities and develop new ones with the input of everyone within the business.

The Be Ethical four step programme aims to help businesses to clearly identify everything that is already taking place across their organisation and who is involved and areas to be developed.  We then support co-ordinator development and/or recruitment before we place them on our eight week training programme, which leads on to a six month coaching course.

We understand how important responsible business is and the positive impacts it can have on people, society and the environment but without the right person co-ordinating everything it can be a practice that costs time and money, without understanding the impact or benefits in the long run.




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