Our core market just got a lot bigger

Our core market just got a lot bigger

Our mission as Be Ethical Training is to help businesses to become responsible. It sounds simple but actually requires a well adapted approach to reach as many companies as possible.

When we began developing our Be Ethical offer, and because of our background, we had real clarity about how we wanted to work with clients and serve them with our knowledge and expertise.

We invested in automation; we committed hundreds of hours over a few months to bring our offer to the market. We were ready to deliver everything we knew into a value driven four-step programme that could help a business to achieve many benefits.

Today this programme is still our core business; based on creating a solution for companies that were already doing lots of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) but not necessarily capturing, reporting or talking about it. It is a solution for those organisations that see the value of being responsible and want to become clear and accountable for their activities.

We also understand that there are businesses that aren’t ready for our four-step programme. They need to take a few more steps before they can gain real value from it.

This week, we decided to review the spectrum of businesses we could work with and what they would need from us, based on where they are on their CSR journey.

STARTING OUT – We realised that we can support businesses who are right at the start of their responsibility journey, by offering a FREE  guide to help them understand how to think about CSR and the benefits it can have.

GETTING FOCUSED – the FREE guide then leads into our Be Ethical Toolkit. Those who are doing sporadic activities because they are the right thing to do but perhaps aren’t recording and measuring their impact. Or who want to set up new initiatives properly and need to be guided through the process.

WANTING MORE – once the toolkit is complete, it is on to our continuous improvement service in the form of Peer Groups. People tasked with CSR can support one another to build on their current skills and learn from others.

All of the above support a business  to achieve great things, but we soon realised there would be a range of them out there that wanted even more. They wanted to go to the next level with their research, programme development, implementation and reporting.

And just like that, during one business development meeting this week, we have adapted our 4-step programme AGAIN to reach further than we could ever imagine.

So watch this space…


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