Hit full marks on your social value score when submitting your bids and tenders

Hit full marks on your social value score when submitting your bids and tenders

With so much more focus on social value within bids, tenders, awards submissions and when applying for industry accreditations, what do you include to ensure you achieve the highest percentage possible?

When bidding for contracts in the public sector today, you can achieve up to 25% of your marks based on your social value alone.

Imagine a contract being worth £1m to your business. That question could account for up to £250,000!

Now imagine if there was a 1% difference between you and your closest competitor, how would it feel to lose out? 

When completing any bid, tender or award submission, you have to consider how you want to talk about your business from a social value perspective .

Do you know what you want to say? Do you have a clear picture of everything you’re actually doing within your business and what you need to include to answer the question correctly? 

Do you include a commentary, stats, impact, future goals, or a simple overview of activities and initiatives? And are you actually doing the things you have mentioned? Where is your proof, how can the reader confirm your actions or commitments ; via your website, social media accounts or company accounts etc.?

And how do you secure a win when you have to include everything you want to say without exceeding 500 words?

Be Ethical Training delivers social value workshops to support businesses to achieve top marks when completing these documents, giving you an opportunity to submit these questions prior to the workshop so actual questions can be answered during the session. 

If this appeals to you then head to our website at www.be-ethical.com and book a place. They are limited to 15 to ensure we can support each person on the call in achieving top marks for their social value questions. 







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