My business is a member of BITC or another responsible business network. Would your offer still benefit us?

Yes. We can support your business to get clear on your responsible activities to get the most out of your memberships.

Will I need a budget for my responsible activities?

If your business is serious about its responsibility, you will need to invest in it for it to grow.

Experience has shown us that this type of activity is generally housed in the HR or marketing and communications budget.

Once your responsible activities are established, a separate budget would be recommended.

Where charitable contributions are made, businesses generally donate a percentage of their PBT to their responsible activities.

What are the tax benefits of being a responsible business?

Companies are entitled to tax relief (Corporate Gift Aid) for qualifying charitable donations made to charities. The donations are paid before tax without the deduction of income tax. The contributions are deductible from the company’s total profits in the year in which the donations are made.

View the HMRC full guidance on Corporate Gift Aid for companies.