FAQs – Trusted Partners

What is the trusted partner programme?

A programme that enables Be Ethical Training to signpost businesses to organisations or individuals to encourage continuous improvement of their environmental, social and governance (ESG) activities.

Why has the programme been developed?

We help businesses to start their ESG journey, engaging their teams and formulating a plan around internal and external messaging. We do not claim to be experts in each ESG area individually, which is why we require partners to support the development and continuous improvement of our client’s activities and initiatives.

How much does this cost?

As we build our client base we are offering to share your profile and business details on our website FOR FREE. This includes passing referrals directly to your inbox.

Any changes or investment packages will be shared with you in advance and will include a donation to our chosen cause, Girls Out Loud.

How long does the programme last?

We plan to sell our packages as part of a 12-month commitment.

What is the criteria to become a trusted partner?


  • Your services are aligned with ESG activities
  • You have a updated website
  • You have an active LinkedIn account with a profile picture
  • You have a head shot and bio
  • You have the ability to take an increase in enquiries and workload


  • You are happy to talk in webinars, podcasts and at events
  • You have your own FREE ESG content available
  • You offer courses or workshops that can be delivered online 

What are the main benefits for a trusted partner?

  • Exposure to all of Be Ethical Trainings network 
  • Direct referrals to your inbox
  • Ability to collaborate with other trusted partners
  • Links back to your own website and socials
  • Become part of and ESG community and conversation  
  • Use of our branding

How is a trusted partner expected to support Be Ethical Training candidate?

By offering them access to your services to enhance what they have learnt from Be Ethical Training and deliver continuous improvement in the area they have requested.

What happens if another partner offers the same service?

We encourage our businesses to purchase any product or service responsible. This is the same advice we give them when selecting a Trusted Partner. By working with someone local, they can support the local economy and the planet. That’s why we have partners across the UK.

If I am unsuccessful will I receive feedback?

No. Unfortunately, we do not have the resources to respond to all unsuccessful applications. We will refer you back to the partnership criteria.