Girls Out Loud

Supporting teenage girls in the UK

Why we support Girls Out Loud as our chosen cause








Girls Out Loud is a social enterprise, not for profit, established in 2010 on a mission to raise the aspirations of teenage girls in the UK. Their work targets vulnerable teenage girls age 12-16 and takes place in the school environment.


They create and deliver a range of early intervention programmes from 2 hours to 12 months in duration, focused on improving confidence, self-belief, emotional resilience and aspirations. They are about empowerment in its purest form, helping girls find their voice and become more visible. Key to their approach is to harness some of the UK’s finest female role models to inspire girls with their stories of success and self-fulfilment.


Today, Caroline and Heather are co-founders and directors of Be Ethical Training because of these same goals, driven towards them by people who offered mentorship throughout their lives and careers.


“If it wasn’t for our mentors, as young adults, we would probably be in middle-management roles, battling the glass ceiling and contributing to society in our own small way.

Thankfully because of this extra guidance, we have grown in confidence and self-esteem. We have developed a mindset that is helping us to achieve our goals everyday.”

Caroline Swailes



“When we set up Be Ethical Training, we knew as women in business we wanted to contribute back to this invaluable support system and even encourage it at a much earlier age.

When we met with Jayne Kenyon, the founder of Girls Out Loud, we instantly recognised ourselves in the girls that the cause supports. Young ‘middle girls’, who are not part of the gifted and talented or the hard to reach in schools. Girls who are not particularly failing but who could easily take a limiting path if unsupported.

Jayne and her team want to inspire these girls to believe in themselves, know they are enough and encourage them to find their inner confidence to make the right choices. Everything Caroline and I needed to take the leap into self employment and becoming entrepreneurs. 

This is a perfect partnership. As we support more businesses to make positive changes in their organisations, we’re also doing the same for our future women in business.”

Heather de Groot



Be Ethical Training’s overarching aim is to donate a minimum of £25,000 a year to Girls Out Loud. The more successful the business is the more can be donated to this fantastic cause!