The Power of Partnership

The Power of Partnership

Both Heather & Caroline worked in the same role at Bibby Line Group from 2006-2016. Caroline was involved in developing and embedding a programme of responsible activity, going on to manage the global employee programme until 2010. Heather then joined the business to take over the reins, giving Caroline the chance to work more strategically in developing a culture of responsibility across ten operating companies, trading across 20 countries and employing five thousand people. A role Heather would soon step into as Caroline went on to join one of the Groups smaller operating business as a Customer Marketing Manager.

Working for a business at the forefront of responsible business back in 2010, both Caroline & Heather strived to impact as far and wide as possible across the Group. They understood the need to engage and enthuse people across the entire business to help them realise how committed the company was to contribution and consideration from a giving, inclusion and employability perspective.

Both then became freelancers in Corporate Social Responsibility and communications, taking their expertise and enthusiasm to support businesses to enhance their offer, by focusing on responsibility.

When the pandemic took hold, Caroline’s business ceased due to travel and budget restrictions; Heather was just about to return to work from maternity leave!

And that is when they decided to work together, to support one another through a particularly turbulent time—never expecting their business to become what it has today.

They invested in automating their offer, focusing on how to help a business to develop a structured and formalised approach to responsibility. To help to manage, report and share success. The main reason being that the pandemic had stopped travel, so meeting new clients and engaging their teams wasn’t possible. They understood the need to develop a service that could do the work they usually do themselves but rather than them doing it and handing it to someone in a business, actually training that person from the start to take ownership and become the ‘go to’ person in that business.

Both are incredibly proud of what they have achieved to date, and they are beyond excited about where the next 12 months will take them.

A goal for the business is to contribute a significant amount of money to Girls Out Loud, a charity that Be Ethical Training has partnered with, due to the work they are involved in, supporting young girls to find their voice and belief in themselves. A cause that truly aligns with their own values and beliefs.

They are committed to donating £150 from each membership purchased, with a further goal of donating £25,000 in the next 12 months.

The more businesses that Be Ethical Training can support, the more they can give back, a driving force for why they want their business to go from strength to strength.