The Team

Caroline Swailes and Heather de Groot met working for a global parent company that was at the forefront of responsible business back in 2010. Both strived to impact as far and wide as possible across the Group. They understood the need to engage and empower people across the entire business to champion and share the company’s commitments to its people, communities and the planet, creating a culture of responsibility owned by all.


After leaving that business, they both (separately) moved into the SME space, supporting companies as Sustainability Consultants, staying in touch to share best practice and support each other’s own personal growth.


Then, after becoming mothers and supporting one another through the pandemic, they decided to join forces once again to tackle the growing overwhelm and pressure on SMEs to navigate the minefield of sustainability.


By creating online training and investing in automation, they turned their experience into a valuable,  results-driven offer, clearing a path for local businesses to showcase their contribution and impact.


This offer can now reach far and wide across the thriving SME community and beyond, supporting businesses to structure their ethical activities and formalise an accountable approach to map, measure and report on their impact.


Both are incredibly proud of what they have achieved, and they are beyond excited about where the next 12 months will take them.

Caroline Swailes – “I am all about the bigger picture…”

Caroline’s involvement in responsible business has gone on to have a significant impact on those she has supported, not just in business but also from a development and inclusion perspective.

Today, Caroline has the pleasure of watching the businesses she works with flourish in their industries and communities because of their commitment to being responsible.

Her aim, as part of the Be Ethical Training offer, is to guide inspirational leaders to drive change through their organisation and to be at the forefront of responsible business as a differentiator in their industry and communities.

I am all about the bigger picture. As someone who is driven by their emotions, I love to be part of the change that takes place when a business becomes ethically responsible. I am a huge advocate of personal growth at all levels. I believe what we offer enhances this greatly.

Heather de Groot – “I love the detail…”

Having worked in responsible business for over ten years, Heather focuses on stakeholder engagement, responsible partnerships and ESG reporting.

Managing a portfolio of brands, Heather has engaged thousands of employees and customers across several global businesses, helping them to donate millions to charitable causes and give back through volunteering and environmental projects.

She aims to empower organisations to explore the benefits of developing a responsible business strategy that champions transparency, accountability and continuous improvement.

I love the detail of responsible business, and the many ways a company can engage their stakeholders to develop, report and share on their success.

In Be Ethical Training, I focus on accountability and reporting. I work closely with your responsibility co-ordinator to ensure they create a clear framework that is aligned with your company’s values.