What can managers do to promote ESG across their organisation?

What can managers do to promote ESG across their organisation?

There are several things that managers can do to promote environmental, social, and governance (ESG) within their companies:

Communicate the importance of ESG: Make sure your employees understand the importance of ESG and how it relates to the company’s values and mission. Yes, we do. With our employee ESG awareness training, a 30-minute training session for every staff member that is delivered online or in groups. 

Set goals and targets: Set clear ESG goals and targets for the company to work towards. This can help to focus efforts and measure progress. Yes, we create a Current Position Audit, including a gap and competitor analysis from the feedback from the ESG awareness training.

Integrate ESG into decision-making: Ensure that ESG considerations are integrated into all business decisions, from strategy to operations. Yes, we do. We support your accountability by setting up sustainability groups from volunteers identified in our ESG awareness training.

Measure and report on progress: Regularly measure and report on the company’s ESG performance to stakeholders. This can help to build trust and demonstrate a commitment to continuous improvement. Yes, we do. It’s all about accountability and reporting from within the organisation. We help with that. 

Engage with key stakeholders, such as customers, employees, and investors, to understand their concerns and priorities related to ESG. Yes, we do, by supporting your sustainability group to develop content and collect data to include in an impact report.

Collaborate with peers: Look for opportunities to collaborate with other companies and organisations to share best practices and accelerate progress on ESG issues. Yes, we do. It’s all about culture and embedding your responsibilities as business as usual. We help with that too.

To learn more about how we support businesses to get all of the above in place, click this link to our onboarding slides – https://be-ethical.com/wp-content/uploads/Be-Ethical-Onboarding-Slides.pdf